Applications of Evolutionary Computation to Quadrupedal Animal Animation

James E. Murphy, B.Sc. (Hons.)

Submitted to University College Dublin
for the degree of Ph.D. in the
College of Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences

March 2011

Dr. Michael O'Neill (site)
Dr. Hamish Carr (site)

Examiners: Prof. Simon Lucas, Prof. Anthony Brabazon and Dr. Michela Bertolotto


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Video list (.mov): click here for .mp4

Chapter 2 Animation:
    Physics engine rigid body demonstration

    Rag doll horse model

Chapter 5 Horse model:
    Spring values set too low

    Spring values set slightly too low or too high

    Spring values set correctly

    Spring values set too high

    Spring values set too high (slow motion)

Chapter 6 Gait motion data and representations:

    Animation from Muybridge photographs

    Motion capture horse model

    Published motion data (unoptimised)

Chapter 7 Manual motion data optimisation:

    Motion Data Development Environment

Chapter 8 Automatic physics-based motion data optimisation:

    Published motion data (optimised)

    Free grammar hop

    Free grammar shuffle

    Sinusoidal grammar gallop

    Sinusoidal grammar walk

    Terrain traversal unoptimised

    Terrain traversal optimised

Chapter 9 Variable Morphologies:
    Multiple models scene

Chapter 10 Kinematic gait and transition animation system:
    Curve Modifier Application

    Kinematic Gait Transition System